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SAORI WEAVING CATALOGUE - 2014 Pricing (as of April 1 2014)


The SAORI looms are unique in many ways. One of the most notable features is the ability to change projects at any time - no need to finish one project before replacing one 'inside set' with another.

The SAORI SX60 is the most popular loom. This loom folds for storage or transportation, yet is sturdy when in use. The built in bobbin winder and many other features of this unique loom make it a pleasure to weave with.


  • High-quality birch wood and tan metal frame.
  • Folds easily for transport and storage
  • Built-in bobbin winder and shelf
  • The warp control pedal lets you advance the warp while remaining seated.
  • Wire heddles have larger holes to make threading easier.
  • A ready-made warp is set up on the loom so that you can start weaving after 15 minutes assembly.

Loom dimensions:

  • Width: 73cm (28")
  • Depth: 70cm (27") / 23cm (9") when folded
  • Height: 99cm (39") / 108cm (42") when folded
  • Weight: 14.7kg (32.4lb)
  • Weaving Width: 60cm (23")

Included Accessories:

  • 1 reed (5 dents/cm=12 dents/inch)
  • 2 harnesses (incl. 400 wire heddles)
  • 1 boat shuttle (medium size)
  • 15 bobbins
  • 1 bobbin winder (built-in)
  • 1 warp control pedal (built-in)
  • 1 reed hook
  • 1 heddle hook
  • 2 tying rod with cords
  • 150 ready-made warp threads (150 threads x 6m/6.5yds)

Price: $1550

Saori SX-60

Saori SX-60


SAORI SX60H - same as SX60 but 2 inches taller


Price $1650


SAORI S60 - non-folding loom, hand operated brake

Price $1750

Saori Loom S60

SAORI S60-A2 - non-folding, height-adjustable, wheelchair accessible loom

Price $1830

Saori S60A2

SAORI Piccolo Loom - this metal frame loom is foldable and very portable. It adjusts to two heights - one is suitable for children as young as 3 years old, the higher setting is only one inch shorter than the SX-60 loom.

Comes in 3 models - Piccolo Model "C" shown - complete with shelf and bobbin winder.

SAORI Piccolo loom

showing the two heights for weaving

Loom dimensions:

  • Width: 55cm (21.6")
  • Depth: 56cm (22") / 74cm (29") when raised / 15cm (5.9") when folded
  • Height: 81.5cm (32") / 91.5cm (36") when raised
  • Weight: 6.95kg (15.32lb)
  • Weaving Width: 40cm (15.8")

as shown
other models available

Saori Piccolo loom



Self Innovation Through Free Weaving

By Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo

SAORI Weaving - including its philosophy, weaving and warping techniques, and patterns for making SAORI clothes.

New release in Fall 2012 full of colour photos, step-by-step instructions for warping, weaving techniques, clothing design. Writings by Misao Jo.

The SAORI reference book



Self Discovery Through Free Weaving

Fuku no Katachi ni Suru (or How to make clothes with SAORI cloth) in Japanese - by SAORI Hiroba

SAORI Pattern Book - instructions written in Japanese

Great photos and step-by-step cutting, folding, sewing directions in drawings


Beginner's Clothing Design - by SAORI no Mori

This book has easy to make patterns with very little cutting and sewing to get you started in turning your handwoven cloth into wearable vests, shrugs, poncho-style tops and more

NOW in ENGLISH - with easy to follow, step-by-step diagrams.


Shitate-No-Hon - Japanese pattern book

By SAORI Leaders' Committee

This book is all in Japanese, but the diagrams, measurements and illustrations are easy to follow
even if you cannot read the directions.


Shitate No Hon - Japanese Saori pattern book

Kyomo Jiyuni Oru (Japanese only) - NEW
Edited by Tatsuya Jo

A new book about SAORI Weaving edited by Tatsuya Jo, one of the grandchildren of the founder, Misao Jo.

This book proposes a creative and relaxing lifestyle in which people enjoy SAORI Weaving in their daily life. This book is written in Japanese, but it contains many beautiful photos, and visually explains basic techniques such as warping, threading, and weaving.

Tatsuya Jo is a son of Kenzo Jo, and he teaches SAORI Weaving at his own studio "Jota" in Tokyo, Japan.

The title means "I weave freely today, as always".


Kyomo Jiyuni Oru - Saori Weaving Book

Graphic Sakiori

- a photo book (with Japanese text) with beautiful images of items woven with cloth strips (Sakiori), some in a traditional fashion, some in SAORI-style

- real inspiration


Graphic Sakiori



Boat Shuttles

- Small ($41)

- Medium ($55) - this is the shuttle that comes with the loom

- Medium lightweight ($60)

- Large ($84)

Prices from $41

Saori Boat Shuttles


Boat Shuttle with no spindle

Works well with bobbins without flanges - simple to use, good for children, people with special needs and everyone!


Boat Shuttle - no spindle


Sakiori Shuttle

This shuttle is especially designed for Sakiori weaving. You can easily set 2 kinds of Sakiori strips onto this shuttle. You can adjust the position of the two pins inside the shuttle in accordance with the weaving width. By making the distance between the two pins equal to the weaving width, you can have the Sakiori strip come out from the shuttle as you need, so you can weave very easily and smoothly. Use SAORI Fabric Cutter to cut the Sakiori strips to weave with this shuttle


SAORI Sakiori shuttle


Bobbins with Flanges

8 bobbins per package


Bobbins with flanges



15 bobbins per package (yarn not included)

(these are also the ones that come with the looms)


Kyomo Jiyuni Oru - Saori Weaving Book


Extra Reeds

2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.5, 10 dents/cm
5, 8, 10, 12, 17, 21, 25 dents/inch

$115 eachreed3.jpg


Comb Reed

2 dents/cm
5 dents/inch

The top lifts off the reed so that you can move threads in the warp while weaving. With this tool you can get some very interesting effects in your weaving.




Clipping Tying Rod with tubes

This rod clips the end of the warp threads so you do not have to tie them.  This rod enables you to make an easy and speedy set-up of the warps or to cut off one weaving and start weaving again without retying.

$20 each



An Extra "Inside Set":

  • 2 Heddle Frames
  • Reed - specify size
  • Warp extension tube kit (paper pipe, pair of cords, clipping tie rod)
  • 1 Tying rod
(note: inside set does not come with a pre-wound warp)


Total Cost: $375

Cross Holder

This is a 'third hand' for holding the cross on your warp while threading. It really makes warping so much easier and let's you design as you go.

Price $75


Threading Holder

Lets you thread the reed and harnesses at a table or other height for ease and convenience. No more bending over the loom to do the threading. Once the warp is threaded, take the harnesses and reed to the loom and wind the warp on.

Great for anyone, anywhere!


Harness Cord Stoppers

These stoppers keep the harness cords in the right position, by preventing the cords from rewinding around the heddle roller.
You need 4 pieces for one 2-harnesses-loom.

$10 per set of 4

Harness Cord Stopper.jpg


Cutting tool comes with 5 mm cutting blade, also available are extra cutting blades 4mm and 8mm


cutting tool $162
extra cutting blades $85 each

SAORI cutting tool





  • cotton
  • wool
  • silk
  • organic cotton
  • cashmere
  • jute

variety in stock

Varied types from $12.50/cone

Pre-wound Warps

Black cotton - from 50-300 threads and 6-30 metres

Black wool - from 50-300 threads and 6-30 metres


Prices vary

variety in stock

Limited Edition Pre-wound Warp

Colours, number of threads, length and materials vary by availability

Previous editions have included wool, silk, cotton and organic cotton

Pink warp

Brown warps (two variations)

Boxed Yarn Sets


Some photos and video thanks to SAORI no Mori / Sakeiseikisangyo Co. Ltd.

*Please note: Prices do not include HST/GST (where applicable).

Many of the SAORI looms and SAORI weaving accessories are kept in stock, please inquire about availability.

All prices for SAORI weaving looms, books, equipment and yarn are for pick-up on Salt Spring Island
and are shipped from Japan by surface mail (6-8 weeks from time of order if not already in stock).
Additional charges for expedited shipping methods.

Shipping to your Canadian location can easily be arranged - shipping charges are applied for method of your choice.

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