A new season

Spring is here on the island, the daffodils and blossom trees are out and blooming. Hurrah!

It also is the time that things get busier here on the island and at the studio. Retreat season, visitors, classes & workshops, festivals, oh my! I love it :)

This past month we were on a couple of trips to visit family and so I wasn’t weaving much or writing at all. Starting now there is lots more to write about and so you will be hearing from me more often. I am just in the process of putting the next newsletter together as well.

Here are a few things that have been happening….

Threading up looms, some for a workshop this coming Sunday – this for one of my students…


A weaving recently completed at the studio by Teresa…


Working on designing a tunic with 3 pieces of organic cotton weaving…


And new items in the studio…


I will be at the Blossom Festival on April 12 on Salt Spring from 11-2, so I invite you to come and do some weaving on this year’s Blossom Banner!


Happy Weaving,

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A commissioned weaving


Last fall, Tara was asked to do a commission weaving for a Pentecostal Liturgical Stole. There were some sizes given (width, length, etc.) as well as preferred colours and style and the rest was up to Tara.

Tara worked on this at the studio over many weeks – setting up the warp, choosing colours and doing the intricate weaving. She ended up doing two sections – one for the long sides and another for the back neck piece which was to be narrower. It was wonderful to watch this stole evolve and the results are stunning.

The full stole…


A close up…


And a detail of the back of the neck. This section is a combination of a cross and a sun done with an inlay and embroidery technique…


She and I were able to go together to present it to the recipient – who loved it. She is giving it as a gift to someone who will be graduating from Theological College.

Congratulations Tara!

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com




Last week I hosted a SAORI Kai at Knotty by Nature in Victoria…


It has been a long time since we’ve had a kai and it was great to see everyone, share our weaving and be inspired by each other.

I was so excited I forgot to take photos of most of it and so missed many of the lovely pieces!

Here is the ‘firebird’ warp that I made, woven by Tara…being discussed by Eve, with Lynn in the photo in her wonderful boat neck top…


An amazing find by Jean – she was at a Thrift shop and found this yellow SAORI dress that we all think must have been made in Japan. I wonder what the story behind it is? It now has a home where it is treasured…


Tara’s Cirque de Soleil jacket …


Looking at fabric…


Marie shared a lot of what she has been working on, including upcycling sweaters, making bags and more. I missed photos of all of her work, but here is a photo of her…


She now has an ETSY shop where you can see some of her work – and buy it too!

I love to see what people have been working on and hear the stories behind them. Two new weavers were at the Kai and it was great to hear about their experiences with SAORI weaving. Claudia (Claudia’s images) was also there. Catherine Mick – also known as the Rag Lady – brought some things she has woven from kilts – repurposed into beautiful weaving and clothing.

So much fun and inspiration!

Thanks to all who were able to come. We’ll have another in a couple of months – dates tba.

Back to Salt Spring in the fog. Fulford….


Mt. Maxwell…


Happy Weaving,

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WWW Weaving with organic cotton


I have been working on some pieces in a series called “Organica” – all on organic cotton pre-wound warps with organic cotton weft.

My latest weaving was trying out the w-w-w way of weaving (#5 on page 84 of the SAORI Self Innovation book)…


This style of weaving can be used to add some great texture to your weaving…



If you do the w-w-w each row, the cool thing is that since there is so much extra weft in each row, once the weaving is off the loom you can stretch it out to the sides…


This warp was 22 cm at the reed, once it came off the loom, it’s natural relaxation with the extra weft was 33 cm…



Once it was stretched out, it was 55 cm…


It makes a lovely random lacey effect…


and looks wonderful in a window…


It takes a long time to weave, as each row requires manipulation of the weft yarn. Once I got into the rhythm of it, I enjoyed it though and it was so much fun after to see how it would turn out!!!

Next, to wash it and see what that does to it!

Note to self – textured yarns make it more difficult to stretch it out…

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com


A Christmas Day Walk


Yesterday we had a lovely and quiet day. Lots of phone calls to and from family and dear friends near & far.

We decided to take a thermos of tea and some Christmas goodies and go for a walk to enjoy our beautiful island. We chose the Burgoyne Bay walk. Here are the boats in the bay…


The walk is an easy and beautiful path…


along the water…



Life on the island!


Happy Holidays and Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com


Candy Cane Mobius


This morning I made a Candy Cane mobius scarf on a narrow Christmas warp that I had on one of my studio looms.


I used a red ribbon yarn and lots of treasure.


Fun to make and to wear!


Happy Holidays & Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com